Specialist in Leather

expertise comes with age...


At AW Leather we have a real passion for leather. In all types and forms. Leather is a unique natural and sustainable product that gets better with age. Our company is based on the belief that leather can be beautiful, functional and durable at the same time. This philosophy allows us to supply quality leather to the furniture industry and project designers throughout Europe.

Every year, tens of thousands of hides pass our warehouse. That not only makes us dedicated but also an expert. And our large stock guarantees fast delivery.

Inspired? Let’s make it happen.

More than 400 colors in stock. Quick delivery.

We have a large stock program that we can deliver quickly and in any desired quantity. A wide range, fast deliveries and good service features AW Leather.

Our various types of leather find application in the furniture industry, project design, (re)upholsterers, automotive and maritime sector and of course leather goods.