About us

Established more than 35 years ago but still as passionate as the day we started. To us, leather is the most beautiful material on earth. It exudes exclusivity and gives every product something unique. Leather can be used for a wide variety of applications. It’s all around us. So are our customers. We know the market and our customer needs. That’s why we have built a reliable reputation for supplying the finest quality leathers to the furniture and leather goods industry, automotive and marine industry and project and interior designers across Europa.


We also carry our passion for leather in the way we do business. From its founding in 1985, AW Leather has worked in valuable partnership with Futura Leathers in Italy. This long-term, productive collaboration has created a strong relationship which, combined with a variety of other solid partners, guarantees stable and high quality standards. At AW Leather we only work with the finest materials, colors and textures to give your product the look you are looking for.


Leather is a natural product and bears the characteristics of its origin. These characteristics are not just imperfections or flaws but emphasise the beauty of a product that increases with age. At AW Leather we have a genuine love for leather, but also for our planet. We are continuously striving for a healthy balance between doing business and caring for the environment by keeping track of the tanning process of our hides, promoting social working conditions and contributing to a world that includes sustainable leather.

Honest about leather.

We are proud of the artisanal process and love to tell you all about the production of our products in a transparent and honest way. For instance, did you know that cows and bulls are never kept for their skin? The skin is actually waste. By transforming the skin into high quality leather, this natural byproduct gets recycled. So your choice of genuine leather for your products or projects is not only sustainable, but also contributes to the reduction of waste.

Want to know more about leather and durability? Or the difference between natural, synthetic, recycled or ‘ eco ‘ leather? Please feel free to contact us.

More than 400 colors in stock. Quick delivery.

We have a large stock program that we can deliver quickly and in any desired quantity. A wide range, fast deliveries and good service features AW Leather.

Our various types of leather find application in the furniture industry, project design, (re)upholsterers, automotive and maritime sector and of course leather goods.