Walltiles collections

Looking for a new dimension in your interior? You can easily turn your wall, cupboard, kitchen, door or other design project into something unique. Our leather wall tiles are not only amazingly beautiful, but you also bring nature into your home…

The leather wall tiles are made with our favourite article “Concrete”, which is available in 8 beautiful colors: Sand, Mou, Espresso, Sudan Brown, Green and Graphite. We have recently added Avocado and Blue to our collection.

Would you like to know more about our leather walltiles collection? Do let us know.

Walltile Concrete Green

For a sample of this color we kindly refer to our Concrete collection.

Color and texture deviations subject to change.

Walltiles concrete

The standard size of the tile is 60cm x 30cm. The leather tiles are applied on a solid base that is provided with a self-adhesive layer. Thanks to this process, the tiles retain their shape and they are less susceptible to stretch or shrink on the selected surface.


  • Amazingly beautiful – creates a dramatic impact in any space.
  • Leather walls are sound damping, flexible, and inherently flame resistant.
  • Tailored finish – pieces can be mounted securely to the wall.
  • Can be used on different surfaces.
  • Premium leather offers a luxurious soft touch and exceptional resiliency.
  • Design Flexibility – unlimited design combinations. Mix & Match.
  • Simple and extremely cost effective to install.
  • No complicated methods with specialised installers.
  • Practical: a damaged tile can easily be removed and replaced.